Thursday, February 17, 2011

To do List

How many of us are “to-do list” people? Go ahead put your hand up, it’s okay, nobody is watching. “To-do list” people can hardly function without the list. I will confess, I am a “to-do list” guy. At the beginning of each week, I get my pad of paper and I put the list down. Even on Saturday mornings when there is not much going on, I will get a little piece of paper and write a list.

We put things on our list like:

Get dog food

Do laundry

Make grocery list (get groceries)

Wash car

Clean garage

Even if I do something that is not on the list, I will add it (I know… not playing by the rules, but hey, it’s my list!)

To-do lists are great for the everyday life, but not very helpful when it comes to prayer. That’s right… prayer!

I was talking with an uncle the other day over coffee, and the topic of prayer came up. He was sharing with me that his church has this thing called “Theology On Tap”. They meet at a pub in his town to discuss matters of faith. One night, prayer was on tap (I know, I couldn’t resist).

We were discussing how prayer can be so confusing for some people, especially if you were brought up with this idea that prayer is about a “list” of things we bring to God and when he answers, we put a check mark beside it. I am all for bringing our “stuff” to God, but I wonder: Do we have the wrong idea about prayer?

Prayer is really more for you and me to enter into the process of including God on the things that matter to us. It’s not to have Him answer all our prayers; it’s acknowledging the fact that we cannot handle what is going on in our lives alone.

The point is not to put a check mark or the word “done” beside the item, it’s more about moving closer to God. It’s about learning to experience the peace of God in the midst of concerns, storms and even worry.

Are you still waiting for God to answer your prayers? Maybe the answer is not the point; it’s about your willingness to enter into a conversation with God.

Prayer taps into the presence and peace of God… let it flow!!!

Just Sayin!

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