Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dandelions and Jets

It’s a common scene every spring on the soccer pitch. It’s groupings of little children chasing a soccer ball around. It’s amazing to watch them swarm the ball as they kick and flail at it. Some children stick out and are true athletes, they know where to be when the ball squirts free and they take it on a big run down the field while all the other players chase. For those of you who had this experience you know what I am talking about. When my youngest was 5 he scored 8 goals in one game (he takes after his mom I guess).

Within those moments of pure joy and fun there is also something else happening. It’s the player who is off in the corner of the field, lost in the moment, picking dandelions or staring up into the sky watching a jet pass overhead. You can always tell who the child’s parents are. They are the ones yelling, “Billy! Pay attention!”, “Sydney! Stop picking the flowers!”, or, “Chase! The ball is at the other end, go get it!”. If we step back we can learn something from that little soccer player. They are lost in the fascination of that moment, where nothing else matters but what has caught their attention. It doesn’t really matter what is going on around them, they have to stop to take it in.

I was thinking about that scene and found it interesting that we try to stop them from taking that moment in. We yell and scream as motivation to get in the game (I am convinced that most parents do that because they are embarrassed), but maybe what we are doing is programming them to avoid the small moments that bring joy and satisfaction.

As we get older we find it more difficult to stop and see the small things. We get lost in the game of life and miss the small voice of a child and the laughter of friends. We miss the moments that God might be trying to give us because we are to busy chasing after something that really doesn’t matter.

Today I hope you can enjoy the small moments that bring joy and fascination.

Just Saying!


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