Saturday, February 19, 2011

Express Checkout

I am not ashamed to admit that my wife does the grocery shopping. I will occasionally go along for the “fun” of it but she is the primary grocery shopper in our home. Her system to get around that place is incredible.

Once in a while I will get a text asking me to pick something up on the way home. I hate those requests. Not that I don’t want to help out and do my part, it’s just that I can’t seem to find my way around a grocery store. Seriously, someone needs to come up with a better system for guys like me.

You can tell who we are. We’re the ones staring up at the aisle signs trying to find some obscure spice.

Now, one good thing about grocery stores is that they have the express checkouts. You know the ones where you are not permitted to have more than ten items. You might have spent an hour searching for that one thing, but it only takes minutes to escape.

Unless there is that one person - you know who I’m talking about!

You begin to count; 1..2..3..4…9..10……11………12. Blood begins to boil. Tap, tap, tap. “Excuse me, do you know that this is the express checkout and you have more than ten items here?”

It’s a conversation that you would love to have with that person who can’t seem to count. You never do because you realize that it will not get you anywhere. Over the intercom, “Security, fight in express lane”.

Ever wonder why we feel this way? I do. I believe it comes from a deep rooted selfishness. The need to be first, get our way, to point out to everyone that this person is not in the right aisle. You have the express checkout police badge and it’s your job to set things right.

Maybe what we need to do is slow down and not worry about it. Maybe we just need to sit back and know that God will get them for this sin (relax, I’m kidding).

Maybe we need to turn things upside down and treat that person as we would like to be treated. I think Jesus was on to something when he said that!

Just Sayin!

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