Friday, April 8, 2011

Next Summer

Where do I start?

This week I had to say goodbye to someone who I will probably never see again. That person is my stepfather. Over a year ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Things are not great right now and I really felt I needed to make the trip to New Brunswick to visit him and my mom.

It was a great visit. My younger brother was there as well. In about a 2 day span, we all laughed, talked, and cried together. We had such a great time, the four of us. We had the biggest feast of fiddleheads you have ever seen (if you have never had them, I feel sorry for you).

There was a moment I had with my stepfather when I sensed a real strong push to ask him about what he is facing.

I asked him what he would like to do before he dies. I know it was a tough question but I wanted to ask. He paused for a moment and then said he could not think of anything right away but he wished he had not pushed things off to next summer.

When he said those words I knew right away what he meant.

He wished that he had just done things when he had time. He wished he had not put certain things off.

It was the most intense conversation about life and death I have ever had with someone close to me. He welled up and I just plain old cried.

I wonder what we have put off to next summer that we just need to do:
- Call an old friend
- Tell someone that you love them
- Thank someone for all they have done for you
- Or even thank someone for being a great “papa” to your kids

Whatever it is that you have been putting off, let me encourage you not to put it off until next summer. Do it now!

Just sayin!