Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Normal Day

It’s amazing how in one day, very little can happen. You get up, get dressed, eat breakfast (in whatever order that might be), you go to work, come home and do it all over again the next day. Whatever you do on a typical day, that’s what you do. But then there are those days when you get up and think it will be normal, and then everything changes. Your world is turned upside down. It comes in an email telling you that a good friend from your high school days has cancer; a text from someone telling you not to go on facebook because there are some wedding pictures of a former girlfriend, and you had no idea she was getting married. Or you might get one of those phone calls where there is a family member on the other end in tears telling you that they have bad news.

Recently, I got one of those calls, and it was about my aunt’s husband. They live in Austria and were on a family vacation in Saltzburg. The voice on the other end was a cousin saying that our uncle was in a skiing accident and only had only a few hours to live. The normal day no longer feels normal anymore. Something has interrupted my “normal”, and it’s not good.

As I was lying in bed thinking and praying about this news, I could not help but wonder how God could have caused this, or why He didn’t prevent it from happening? They have two young boys that need a dad. Thoughts bounced back and forth: “God might have caused it, but the God I know doesn’t seem to be like that”, “ He could have prevented it because he is all powerful”. But then this one thought penetrated all the rest: “This, I know, God can bring good from the bad.” I find assurance that God can and will bring good from this tragedy. What it is, I don’t know and don’t need to know right now, but He will bring something beautiful out of this interrupted day.

I don’t know what will change your normal day, but when it happens, be assured that God is in the business of bringing good from bad. It’s the thing that I can hang onto today!

Just Saying!


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