Monday, February 14, 2011

Score Clocks and Injustice

If someone were watching this unfold they would probably laugh very hard. They might even ask, “What is their problem?”

It was an elementary boy’s basketball game. If you have ever had the “opportunity” to watch one of these games it’s a real treat. Back and forth with no scoring, lots of fouls, missed passes. The score is often very low and the game is determined by one or two baskets. These experiences are a real test in staying focused. Thankfully the boys don’t mind, they seem to have lots of fun.

I will never forget one particular game. The score keeper/time clock people were actually four grade eight teenage girls (you know where this is going). The scene was incredible. The occasional basket would go in and they would completely miss the basket and not put it up on the scoreboard. I didn’t mind when the opposing teams score was missed but not my sons team; this was an injustice. At times the whistle would blow and they would be so caught up in what they were talking about or on their phones (texting that is) seconds would tick by.

Now, you need to picture what is happening on the side of the court where all the parents are sitting. Parents are beginning to lose it (not me, I was totally in control of my frustration ok, maybe not). We were yelling, “stop the clock”, “the score is wrong”, “start the clock”! The referee finally got involved. Part of me was so thankful that someone was stepping in. Justice was finally going to be had. This was wrong and we wanted justice in this situation. I think many of us dads were more anxious over the score clock than the actual game. When the final buzzer went, we were so happy.

What made us so passionate about the right time and score? What made us yell across the floor to the scorekeepers? It was the injustice! We wanted to make sure that things were right for both teams.

I got thinking about this after. Can you imagine what would happen if we actually got fired up about injustice in our world? I mean fired up about things that really matter:

Children going without food;

Towns in Africa with no water;

Young women being sold into sex trafficking;

The person with the sign asking for help on the street corner.

I wonder what would happen if we actually got fired up about injustice like that?

What is it that you need to get fired up about and make a difference? Maybe you need to start yelling your own, “start the clock” on something that you see as an injustice. Let’s make sure we are yelling about the right things and in the right way.

Just Sayin!


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