Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camp Fire

I don't know about you, but I love a camp fire setting. There is something about sitting around a fire with friends that is just so peaceful. The smell of the wood, the flames jumping into the air... it's such a great moment.

Last week, my wife and I were invited to a friends house for a campfire. The evening was filled with great laughs, stories, and big questions.

One of the guys in the group, whom I had just met, turned to me at about 12am and said, "So, you are a man of God... tell me what the key to life is". Something you should know about me is that I don't focus well after 10pm (I have been given the label "party pooper" by many). At this moment, I am looking around the campfire to see who he is talking to. Man of God? Somebody else must have just showed up.

WOW! What a question for any time of the day. What is the key to life?

I dogged the question by asking a question about himself, but he was on to me. He picked up that I was trying to buy time to think about a response.

I looked at him and I said...

"The key to life is to figure out how to love God with everything you have and to love others!"

I don't know what you think the key to life is, and I don't know how you would have answered that question, but I believe with everything in my being that life is about seeking God and loving him with all that I have. One day, Jesus told some people that we are to love God with our heart, soul, mind and strength. The way I see it, that covers every area of life.

You can pursue a lot of things in life, like happiness, money, stuff, popularity, education, family... and there is nothing wrong with those things. That is, unless they get in the way of loving God with your whole life.

When you think about the key to life, I hope you will give consideration to loving God with your whole life.

When we live this way, we begin to discover the key to life.

Just Sayin!

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