Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chasing Rocks

Every year, our family vacation includes a week at my aunt and uncle’s cottage in the Bobcaygeon area. Our week there involves everything from badminton, horseshoes, reading, dirt biking, swimming and lots of food. I think if we decided not to do this part of the vacation, we would feel like we missed out on creating memories for our family.

The one in our family that loves the cottage the most is our 5-year old black lab, Taya. SHE LOVES THE WATER! Every morning at 7am (it’s like she can tell time), she comes to my side of the bed and nudges me. Now, you need to know that this nudge is not the “I have to go out and do my business” nudge, or maybe the “I want breakfast” nudge. No, this is the “I want to go swimming” nudge. See, our black lab loves for me to throw rocks into the lake for her to swim out to get them. I know she can tell time, but has not yet figured out that rocks sink. I stand with a fresh mug of coffee and a bucket of rocks on the dock and throw rocks for 20 minutes while she swims back and forth trying to find them. Without exaggerating, she can do this for hours – we have to convince her to get out and take breaks.

One morning at 7am I got to thinking about how we chase rocks in life. We chase things that we think are going to fulfill, and then we get there and realize that it was not what we thought. We chase after more money, recognition, popularity, the next best technological gadget, all with the hope that it will fill that emptiness we feel. So many of us swim back and forth chasing rocks. We see the ripple, but by the time we get there, it’s gone.

I guess for me, I wonder if we are created to chase after things, but only after the right thing. One day, Jesus said to some chasers that the greatest command is to seek the kingdom of God above everything else.

Today, maybe you will stop chasing rocks and start seeking God

Until next time!


Matthew 6:19-21;33

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